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Why You're Not Getting the Advice You Need...

Most people don't understand how to deal with the financial services industry.  In fact, the industry makes it very complicated so that you need to seek advice.  Too often, people make the most important financial decisions based on trust rather than facts leaving you vulnerable to making costly mistakes.  The Money Club is designed to "tell not sell" you so you can make the most of your money!


My Story

I've been in the financial services industry since 1995 and for over 25 years, I worked for banks, life insurance companies, and  investment firms a paragraph.  I've met thousands of people in my career and spent countless hours developing tools and processes to help people make financial decisions. 

Being an industry insider for all those years has given me the inside track on how financial institutions use their advisors to sell you products and services.  If you're looking to understand how to navigate the world of personal finance, you've come to the right place!


The Money Club is my way of giving back and reaching as many people as possible with a very important message:  NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS MORE THAN YOU!  THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR SITUATION THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES.  Don't make the most important financial decisions of your life based on blind trust in your advisors.  

Financial Programs

The Money Club offers you the opportunity to customize the service according to your need.  Whether you need help with a one off decision or situation, are looking to learn more about money and how to manage it, or want to work with a planner that wants to see you succeed financially, we can help!


Making The Right Decision

Making the right financial decision requires a clear understanding of the pros and the cons.  We provide you with the clear facts on any decision you need to make so you can move forward with confidence.


Money Map Course

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned self directed investor, our course can assist you in identifying areas in your financial structure that can be improved.  From taxes to pensions, retirement plans to cash flow, we cover it all.


Financial Planning

If you're looking to partner with a planner to make the most of your money, this service is for you.  We work with you to build a comprehensive plan that you can understand and implement in all areas of your finances.

Success Stories

"James has a unique ability of making simplicity out of complexity in a way anyone can understand with a sincere passion about the well-being of the client."

DF - Peterborough, Ontario

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